You're stressed or anxious, focusing others' needs, maybe important relationships in your life are a tangled mess... There is another way to live! Let's talk. Therapy can help decrease stress using tools that focus on creating a goal directed life. Learn new ways to communicate with loved ones and begin to see your relationships heal.


Disconnected from family, worried about the future, your friends are the most important thing in your life but despite this you still sometimes feel like you don't fit in.    Let's connect online or in person. You now have a confidential place to learn tools to help you reconnect to what's important to you.


Confused on how to talk with your teen, your daughter is giving you the silent treatment, your partner isn't talking and parenting in general is stressing you out?  Let's talk online, in-person or by phone to discuss your complex relationships and discover what's interfering with you having a happy family life.

Imposter Syndrome

Are you feeling under qualified at work? Do you look around and assume everyone knows what they’re doing but you? Do you avoid public speaking because you might be found out? Are you feeling you don’t deserve the financial reward that you are achieving? Reach out and take the Imposter Syndrome Test to find out if it's true or not.

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